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Hamara Club


About Us

Hamara Club which means Our Club was established approximately 15 years ago by the Indian Women of Basingstoke's Hindu Community.  Please note Hamara Club is NOT just for elderly ladies, it is for all ages.

We have varied agenda every week eg group session of Pranayam yoga and basic yoga exercise, keep fit, cookery demo, and craft sessions among others.
We are planning to raise money for our Club and looking for ways and means to do that. So to all the ladies, put on your thinking cap. Please email your ideas or best still come on Wednesday and present your ideas and how you can help.

Club Meetings

Once a week on Thusdays between 11:00am and 1:00pm at the Carnivall Hall, Council Road, Basingstoke.

Club Membership £10 each half year, paid up-front and 25 pence paid at the meeting.

Non-members pay £1.25 at the door.


The Club was started by Mrs Handa, who engaged in a lot of charitable activities, enlisted the help of Basingstoke's Indian ladies. Mrs Handa, the driving force behind the Club at the time, later moved away to join her family in the North and the Clubs activities slowed for period.

Then a new champion for the Club emerged in the guise of Mrs Manglaben Vithlani. The club members started meeting at Chute House, then at Orchard House and now members meet at Carnival Hall.
Contact Us

For more information contact Manglaben Vithlani on 01256 414102 or Mrs Manjuben Trivedi on 01256 469129 or email

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting

Mrs Manjuben Trivedi


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